The 25 DVDs Barack Obama Gave
Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Obama總統致贈給 英國首相Brown 25片經典DVD
也是上百大經典電影的前25名喔! 中英翻譯如下

  1.  Citizen Kane                   大國民
2.  The Godfather                教父
3.  Casablanca                     北非諜影

4.  Raging Bull                     蠻牛
  5.  Singin in the Rain        萬花嬉春

  6.  Gone with the Wind         亂世佳人

  7.  Lawrence of Arabia          阿拉伯的勞倫斯

  8.  Schindlers List             辛德勒的名單

  9.  Vertigo                             迷魂記

  10. The Wizard of Oz           綠野仙蹤

  11. City Lights                      城市之光

  12. The Searchers                  搜索者

  13. Star Wars: Episode IV    星際大戰4:曙光乍現

  14.  Psycho                             驚魂記

  15.  2001: A Space Odyssey  2001太空漫遊

  16.  Sunset Boulevard              日落大道

  17.  The Graduate                  畢業生

  18.  The General                   將軍號

  19.  On the Waterfront              崖上風雲

  20.  Its a Wonderful Life       風雲人物
21.  Chinatown                         唐人街

  22.  Some Like It Hot              熱情如火

  23.  The Grapes of Wrath           怒火之花

  24.  ET: The Extra-Terrestrial      ET外星人

  25. To Kill a Mockingbird           梅崗城故事

U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently visited the United States, where he spent some quality time with President Barack Obama. As is usual in such visits, the two of them exchanged gifts. Brown’s gift to Obama? A pen holder made from wood from the anti-slave ship HMS Gannet. The gift was both classy and priceless, showing an understanding of the significance of Obama’s ascendence to the presidency. Obama’s gift to Brown? A set of 25 DVDs.


雙方領袖見面都會交換些伴手禮。Brown送了Obama什麼呢? 是一只從皇家海軍軍艦塘鵝號取下的木料製成的筆盒。塘鵝號曾從事打擊奴隸運販的任務。


的歷史地位的肯定。那Obama回贈Brown什麼? 答案是25張電影DVD

Understandably, the disparity in the value of their gifts has been given a great deal of criticism from press on both sides of the Atlantic. For one take on this, fast forward to 2:12 in the following clip from The Daily Show:

However, rather than pontificate on the appropriateness of giving Prime Minister Brown a gift you could buy your local Best Buy, I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at what DVDs Obama gave him exactly. According to The Daily Mail, the American Film Institute helped to put together the set by “special request,” which included the following DVDs:

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