lAW*HL 第一題:(6.16)

1、        指出討論的事物         e.g.         What I want to talk about is something I’ve known.
2、        評論事物的特点         e.g.         It’s so adj. for somebody to do something.
3、        說明理由的數量         e.g.         There’re two reasons why I think it adj.太傻超级论坛5Yv6S5ag7Nx y&d5`
4、        闡述理由主题句         e.g.         It’s a good way for somebody to do somethingbbs.taisha.orguL]kNO p%rLy [
5、        補充具體支持句         e.g.         For example, we learn something we didn’t used to            understand.
e.g.         such as to do something, to do something or to do somethingGRE,TOEFL,SAT,IELTS,GMAT,visa,USA,留学,签证,申请,美国,英国,加拿大,欧洲Y        jSE        Py




Question 1 (15 + 45 seconds)
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What game do you enjoy playing? Describe the game, and explain why you like to play it. Include details and examples in your explanation.
Sample Response1:b;iTHF n.YCL
(Please note that this is just one very good example out of many possible approaches)
!Q G"I
Right. I’d like to play PC game – Magic and Mighty when I’m available. The game is a role-play PC game, telling a story like that: a king with his troop is trying to defeat all of his enemies, ruling the whole kingdom. There’re two reasons I like it. First of all, it’s a nice way for me to have a fun. When I played it and succeeded in defeating enemies, I felt so excited. Another is I can make a lot of friends who have the same interests as me in the game. That’s why we sometimes chat about it.


1、表明自己的喜好        e.g.         I prefer the former to the latter.
2、同第一题 3、4、5太傻超级论坛ZyM,je {9}i
3、可适当增加比较        e.g.         It’s a good way for something to have more chance of doing something.
                                        e.g.         It’s clear that more something will be given to somebody.

Question 2 (15 + 45 seconds)|v1E)o,H
太傻超级论坛6n'D[Sz.^w b
Some people drive their own car to school or work. Others ride a bus, train, or other form of public transportation. Which do you think is better and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.bbs.taisha.orgV de3s)\%jo[Q


Sample Response2:nEV_5t8zQ)Z
(Please note that this is just one very good example out of many possible approaches)
P        q@1eE+h

Actually I prefer driving my car to riding bus. There’re two reasons why I think it is good. First of all, it’s a good way for me to arrive at school in time. Last time when I rode a bus, the traffic accident took place between the bus and another car. That’s why I was late for the school, having to say apology to my lecturer. If I had ridden my own car, that wouldn’t happen on me. Another is I’m so proud of my car, so that I’d like to show it up to my friends and classmates. I guess it must be so cool. 

同第一题 1、3、4、5、

Question 3 (30 + 60 seconds)
In this question, you will read a shot passage about a campus situation, listen to a conversation, and then speak in response to a question about what you have read and heard. After you hear the question, you have 30 seconds to prepare your response and 60 seconds to speak.
Reading Time – 45 seconds*I vqt9[2jq2o
Distance Education Courses

Distance education courses at Valley Community College are regularly scheduled classes that must be completed by the end of the quarter. All online courses are taught by college faculty in conjunction with the related academic departments. Students will be required to participate in a “virtual classroom” online, conduct research, and complete assignments. Students must have daily access to a personal computer with word processing software and connection to the Internet. Students should expect to spend approximately 12-15 hours a week for any online course. ,_5nr_M3L^K

  I wanna take astronomy next quarter, and I was thinking of registering for the online course.太傻超级论坛2w!ve*ai.H6V-R(g
W:        Have you ever taken an online course before?$y.GHEWp8B
M:        No. But I have a computer, and it seems fairly easy to take a course this way.B%QS8l(}#vl
W:        Let me just point out a couple of things. First, you have to be able to learn on your own, mainly by reading. So you have to be self-motivated. There are a few online lectures, but mainly you have to read the information on a computer. You also have to keep up with a schedule, just as in any other class. So unless you’re self-motivated, online courses are generally not a good idea. In fact, there’s fairly high dropout rate for online courses.太傻超级论坛Z|3kXs
M:        Hmmm. I didn’t know that. It seems like it would be so easy because you don’t have to be in class at t specific time.
Believe it or not, the main reason that students drop out is they miss going to class. They miss the face-to-fact contact with the professor. So, if interacting with the professor and other students is important to you, then you should consider taking a regular classroom course.
The adviser expresses her opinion about online courses. State her opinion and explain the reasons why gives for holding that        D4?"|9vexSy

(Please note that this is just one very good example out of many possible approaches)p)fI[%NNl;\5ma_

What a student and advisor talked about the “Distance Education Course”. From the conversation, I learn the adviser think the student should take a regular classroom course instead of the online course. There’s a main reason why she thinks so. Students are required to participate in a “virtual classroom” online, conduct research and complete assignments, as well as must have daily access and spend 12-15 hours a week for any online course, so that it’s not a good idea if students are not self-motivated or miss the face-to-face contact with the professor or classmates. But in fact the student doesn’t’ want to have a class at a specific time. That’s why she thinks like that.

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